It is important to acquire the right sound from your sound decoder.

In nowadays there are various sound decoders for different qualities of sound. To obtain a good performance I reccomend a sound decoder from a good sound maker, such as from Matthias Henning, Gorg Breuer, Alexander Mayer, and Heinz Däppen. They are sound makers for german locomotives.

Beispielsvideo: Gützold 78084: Lok 65 1005 DR (Epoche III) mit Pufferspeicher, Zimo MX 658 N18 Decoder und Henning Sound

Piko BR 131 022-6 DR 71051 Ludmilla digital DH16A + SH10A-SUSI-Sound Fahrstufe 1Alexander Mayer

Sound decoders and loud speakers are available at my workshop. I also install the parts into the locomatives

What is tuning a model?

UTuning means improving a mass-produced model. One example is converting a model to a new variant. It may be enough to give it new lettering with a different road number. Sometimes a different water pump needs to be installed. There are kits for many details. Tuning may also mean ageing a model. For this, a thin layer of paint is applied to certain parts of the model with a spray gun or a brush. Very dark, shiny brown is used for oil stains on the power train and white as limescale on the boiler. If you are interested, you should have a look at a number of real engines beforehand and read more. An aged engine usually decreases in value. Carriages can also be tuned like, for example, the “Silberlinge” in which I have installed short coupling kinematics and switchable lighting.
What if I don’t have enough room for a decoder in my model?

This poses no problem for engines that always operate in a train set. You connect the engine and the first carriage with stranded wires. There is enough space for a digital decoder in the carriage. This is also how I would solve any problems in installing a loudspeaker in the engine.
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Model Locomotives-ABC/Glossary

Tams offers an interesing glossary to view amongst their broad range of sortiments on electronics for model locomotives. I offer personal advice.

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Digitally operated Märklin mini-club.

The Spur Z scale 1:220 is a particular interest of mine. Using digital mini-club engines my customers can experience digital operation on the spot. I plumped for the Z layout due to space. You can build a digital layout on a scale of 1:220 that can be stored dust-free under a bed. I would be only too pleased to help.