One thing I really enjoy is digitalizing a Märklin mini-club engine. Before you start, you need to find a suitable place with enough space to work in. First, you take the engine apart.
I clamped the chassis in a machine vice so that the actual space for the digital decoder could be milled. Of course, with such a tiny part I had to take care. The feed rate also needed to be low.
Now the milling work is finished and I have stuck the wheel current conductors on with epoxy resin.
Now I have reinstalled the motor, the gears and the axles.The mini decoder was already wired up and equipped with adhesive tape. If you have a decoder which has not been wired up, you need a steady hand and a soldering station so that you don’t overheat the decoder.
So that I had enough room, I took the wheel current conductors on the left side off. I shortened the top where the current conductor was attached to the chassis.
To finish off, I traced the red trim line with a fine brush so that our digitalized engine not only runs well but looks good, too.
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